Thunderbird Email Help Please

I use Thunderbird as my default email program, with XP Pro. I had been using Outlook Express, but stopped. I like Thunderbird, but the online help is not helping. The problems are…

When I compose, or forward an email, I click on the username in address book, but it always adds unwanted info on the address line (To:, CC:, etc.). For example or .com then it has <city> after it. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the program, but it always finds an old address book. Where is it getting the addresses from? I have no viruses. Why can’t I have an empty address book and create contacts? I can’t find TB’s address book and delete it to start from scratch. This site’s advice has been very helpful in the past, so thanks for your input.

The forums at Mozilla do offer a wealth of information.

If I understand you correctly, your issue is with what is displayed in the “to” line. What gets put there is the “display” field on the contact card, plus the actual email address. You can edit the display field. If you want an empty address book, simply delete the entries in the address book.

I already did this, many times and incorrect addresses keep coming back. It has to get them from somewhere.

Are you looking at the “collected addresses” instead of the “personal addresses”? TB, by default, is set to save all sent addresses in “collected addresses”.

Thanks, I was looking in the wrong place.

That one catches me regularly. :wink: