Thumbnails for video files



What video formats can you embed a thumbnail in? I know that MP4s you can bring into Itunes and add cover art that is embedded as the thumbnail. Are there other formats you can do this with? AVI or MKV maybe?

Basically I just want thumbnails of the movie cover to show up on my WD TV HD and the only format I have found so far is MP4. But the newest firmware update allows for chapters in MKV which would make me very happy.


I wrote this for WMC but the method for the folder.jpg should work with standard DVD format files.I don’t know if it would work in MKV .

The first thing you need to do is edit the Windows Vista registry so that Media Center displays a “gallery” view of your DVDs instead of just a “play DVD” button. To do this, run “regedit” and navigate to: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Media Center\Settings\DvdSettings and change the String Value Value name “ShowGallery” to value data to “Gallery.”

Next, set up the location where you will store all of the DVDs.The C:\ root So in my case, I created a folder called “C:\DVD”.
It should be like this C:\DVD . Then each movie with it’s own folder .MOVIE name with the Folder with the movie name containing the AUDIO_TS,VIDEO_TS & folder.jpg(if you want an image for the movie)

Make sure to add this directory to your Media Center Library’s watched folders.
Media Center\Tasks\Settings\Library Setup\Add folder to watch
Next\ Add folders on this computer \ Next
This will give you a list of drives & locations Select C:\ then the DVD folder then next then finish.
You can remove the watched folder with the Stop watching selection any time you like.
You might be able to use a completly different drive that you only have videos on I haven’t tried.

The video folders in the C:\DVD forder should be like this C:\DVD\MOVIE name\AUDIO_TS VIDEO_TS folder.jpg(if you want an image)
The image name must be folder.jpg so you need to change the image name to that once copied into the folder.

To create the movie “box shot” for Media Center, I use the center of the universe: Amazon. Just type in your movie name for the search and should be able to find a good looking box shot within about 10 seconds of scanning the results. I like to click the image I find so that it pops up a larger view and therefore the best quality image I can get. You of course can get the image anywhere you like, but the key is you MUST save this image as “folder.jpg” in the same directory as all the movie files.