Thumbnails Black on DVD-PSP Mode


I’m new to this software. I have searched the forums and couldn’t find an answer.

Basically, I’ve ripped 4 DVD’s to PSP using the H.264 mode > firmware 3.30+ mode using DVDFab Platinum.

First DVD was Long Way Down (great documentary btw), and transfered to PSP and works like a charm and can see all thumbnails. Did the same for Long Way Round and transfered to PSP and nearly all the thumbnails are black.

I tried re-ripping but same thing. Also seems to be random if it generates a JPG or a THM file. Any particular reason for this?

Is there a way to adjust the thumbnail image, maybe its hitting an exact point where the screen goes black on the DVD?

Oh yes, I should have mentioned that the both the .mp4 and .thm or .jpg is copied to the Video folder on the PSP Memory Stick. I’m running v3.90 firmware on the PSP

You can delete all the black .thm/.jpg thumbnail files in your PSP, and run PSP Falcon, click “Auto Generate”, and all the correct thumbnails shoulb be come back. You can download it from
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