Thumbnail Problems

Right Guys, Where can I start.

Basically i’ve installed RatDVD to archvie my current set of 40 something dvds. I rip them to my hardrive using DVD decrypter and convert them using the current version of ratDVD having obtained the Tag infromation. Everything at this point is fine. When encoding is completed, the file itself, in terms of playback (the root menu, 5.1 sound etc) is perfectly fine, but one simple problem is the lack of the dvd thumbnail obtained earlier. The folder containing the rip is in the thumbnail view, but the file is simply displaynig a windows media player icon, rather than the dvd cover. Given that the option of displyaing the actualy covers of dvds was one of the main advantages offered by this program, I am anxious to find a solution. I am running windows media center 2005 edition, and at this point i’d like to remind you that there are no problems with the decyption or “transcoding” of the dvd, simply just viewing the thumbnail (dvd cover).

PS, when the rip is loaded back into ratDVD (as if I were to burn it to dvd) all the tag information obtained initially is still present, as if to suggest it is a windows problem, rather than a ratDVD one.