THUG2=Blue screen of death

I recently got thug2 off my friend who wants to keep his play disk so i dowloaded a no cd patch so i could play it. Everytime when i get to the main menu, the blue screen of death and at the bottom it says beggining dump of memory or something like that :confused: . If anyone has the same problem, or has a soulution please post.

Buy the game.

I would but i am saving up my money for a x-box right now. But if this is the only option, I guess i can wait until my friend gets tired of the game. But if there is a solution, I want to know.

The only legal solution is buying the game, and maybe you should read the Forum Rules before posting :).

If you dont own it we will not help you make a backup of it, Kalas has pointed you to the forum rules…please make sure you read them before posting again.

Thread closed…