Throw away your cables - wireless HDMI is here!



I just posted the article Throw away your cables - wireless HDMI is here!.

Over on, a report from CES highlights a quiet but significant pre-production technological release by Philips - a wireless HDMI transmission system. The setup is apparently radio-based on…

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Does it handle more than one connection? This would be a useful way around the need for HDMI switchboxes, which are still a bit outrageous. Coneivably, households could have HDMI output from: 1) DVD or BD/HD-DVD player 2) HTPC 3) Digital Cable Box 4) Console (PS3 and soon-to-be-released Xbox 360) Except for a handful of higher-priced A/V recievers, nothing handles even 3 HDMI inputs.


Pffft wireless. Sounds like a lot of BS. Same thing was said with small home-networks etc. The problem today is that to many in some areas are using wireless and causing problems. Wires are still the safest bet, besides why would you need wireless HDMI, can’t people connect a cable.


I would rather see high quality wireless surround sound speakers to be honest.