Three worst movies

Blair Witch Project.

Snake in Eagles Shadow (no it doesnt matter that Jackie Chan was in it!)
I have to get back to you on those two others…

  1. The Adventures of Yellow Dog - Far from Home (walked out on)
  2. DragonHeart (fell asleep)
  3. Austin Powers - all of them (awful acting with very few funny scenes, found other things to do while my friends watched it)

I know so many of you are Austin Powers fans, so ignore #3 and this is the #3 for you people:

  1. Get Shorty (also fell asleep on)

Attack of the Killer Clowns
Showgirls (Nice T&A though)
A version of Hamlet done in German with Enlish subtitles. (Holy Shnike was that bad)

Thank you BeeR_DoG, you just named my number 3!!

  1. All Home Alone movies :Z :Z :Z :Z :Z :Z

O no, I’m not ignoring this!! :a :frowning: :a

I invite you to come to my place.

I arrange the drinks and food, and all 3 movies and we are going to see all three of them … and when you have seen them all, you can tell me if you still don’t like them!

Don’t like Austin Powers of all the things…

Gee…Namoh. In your case, I would have thought that it was the Dutch horror classic: “All Alone Under the Bed” . :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

sixth sense
phone booth
a perfect storm

1,Edward Scissorhands
2,triple x
3,planet of the apes (2001)

  1. Canadian Bacon (John Candy) HORRIBLE!
  2. Get Shorty
  3. Kids

Don’t mess with Tim Burton movies. He set an entirely new standard all by himself.

tim burton is a master , i like almost all their movies.
nightmare before christmas is one the best movies that i have seen.

Beetlejuice ! Beetlejuice ! Beetlejuice ! :bigsmile:

Batman and Robin (“I know what will be great, a remake of the 60’s version!”)
Titanic (“Lets make it so long that any brains will have dribbled out of their noses long before the end”)
Battlefield Earth (No comment required, just watch it)

Thank god, that’s not on tape! :iagree:

1 - Passion (of?) Christi (we have to see this film in religion and it’s a very
boooring film)
2 - Queen of the damned (also just boring and never really scary)
3 - Hidalgo (they only took a star from lord of the rings and hoped that
therefore many people see the film, the film is never exciting or funny)

Agrees. It was like mixing Alien with Species on the Planet of the Apes (2001.).