Three VIDEO_TS to one DVD, but one has different resolution and frame rate

Hello, hope you’ll help me :slight_smile:

I have three video_ts folders (which are basically a background image and music in 5.1 quality) - three music albums in DVD format, so that’s why three folders.
They all can fit on one DVD, that’s why I’m looking for a way to burn them all together.
The problem is that first of them has different frame rate (29.97), and other two have 25.00, and when I tried to compile a DVD using Nero Recode (it claimed to save the quality), I tried to listen to it, and the first disc (with 29.97 FR) was very good, but other two had problems with sound, desync and distortion on different channels, so I figured out it was because of their different frame rate.

What should I do? Maybe somehow convert the first one (or second and third), so they all have same frame rate?
I really want to preserve the quality of sound.

I have Nero pack, and some other programs, but I don’t know which way should I look.

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

It depends in part on where you are located. 25fps is standard frame rate for PAL dvds. 29.97 is for NTSC dvds.

If you are in the US, you’ll need NTSC for everything, since the vast majority of our dvd players can’t handle PAL video. PAL dvd players can normally playback NTSC without issues.

You can try this conversion with AVStoDVD or ConvertXtoDVD. AVStoDVD is free, but no guarantees on the success of this process.

By the way, you import a dvd video into AVStoDVD by clicking the green + button on the right side of the main window, navigate to the Video_TS folder and select the VTS_01_01.IFO file. Let the program index the dvd.

I’m in Russia, but it seems strange, as the part which came out good in quality and didn’t have issues with sound was with NTSC format with 29.97 frame rate.

I have ConvertXtoDVD, but I thought it converts to DVD such files as AVI, not recodes existing video_ts files, ot am I wrong?

I don’t own ConvertXtoDVD, but one of their listed options is conversion from NTSC to PAL.

You might have to import the video into ConvertXtoDVD as mpeg files. To do that without losing any video quality, you can convert the dvd-video to mpeg2 using Vob2Mpg, which is a free program.

Thanks, I’ll try coverting it right away, hope it works…

The DVD Video standard does not allow for PAL and NTSC sources to co-exist on a single DVD; however, some modern standalone players will cope with this just fine, it all comes down to the hardware that you have. My advice would be to extract the audio and video streams from your VIDEO_TS folders and then re-author a DVD using GUI for DVDAuthor or similar; it will pop up a warning about the framerate/resolution, but you can just ignore it. Try it on a DVDRW in your standalone to see if it works.

I regularly do this with HD NTSC videos, that I’ve resized to PAL resolution for max quality, but not bothered changing the framerate for.



I guess my dvd-player is among those that can’t allow different frame rate files coexist on one DVD, so I’ll have to convert NTSC to PAL. Though that vob2mpg converter seems to convert video_ts folder into one *.mpg file, so, I lose chapters (here - songs from the album), and it doesn’t allow to create separate mpg files for every chapter in its free version.
Do you have any ideas which software I can use for this ntsc-to-pal conversion, without losing chapters?

You could try the patch method, but no guarantees. Otherwise check out this thread at videohelp.