Three Suggestions / Requests for AnyDVD

AnyDVD has been one of the best software purchases I’ve made in a while! There are a couple of small changes that would make it even better. Here they are:

  1. remember my previous settings from before I upgraded (such as “jump to menu” / “jump to main movie” settings)

  2. Under “Navigation / Remove annoying adverts and trailers”, have a third option for “prompt when DVD is inserted”. When I rip movies on my server, I like to jump to the main feature for movies but to the menus for TV shows/multi-episode discs. Sometimes I forget to switch the setting and have to re-rip. A pop-up prompt would be helpful in this situation.

  3. When using the “Rip Video-DVD To Hard Disk” option, have a check box to “eject drive when finished ripping”.

That’s all I could think of! This is an excellent program, don’t think I’m complaining, these are just small requests to make using it a little easier after backing-up 100’s of discs. Thanks again!

It is intentional that the most important settings are returned to default after an upgrade.

I like this one. There is one caveat - AnyDVD settings currently work globally. If you insert a second disc in a second drive, these settings will affect the first disc as well.

That’s technically not possible. The ripper is completely seperate from core AnyDVD, it has no access to the layer controlling the hardware. It simply uses native file system functions. It is intended as a free add on for some discs otherwise difficult to copy.
It is much better to use CloneDVD for ripping, especially after the last update where CloneDVD corrects incorrect time maps.


Thanks for your detailed responses and continued product updates. Support like this is what makes me glad I purchased your products.

If there is any way to add “prompt for ‘jump-to’ on DVD insert”, that would be great, even with the two drive exception (maybe the pop-up could explain this).

As and aside, you just made me realize that I have a spare DVD drive that I’m not using for anything. I’d be finished backing-up by now if I’d been using both. I’m installing my spare drive tonight. . .