Three sata drives not work

my 3 sata dvd drives are having the same behavior even after I tested them on another pc, connect them they are recognized by windows and device manager, their led lights up and flashes, the tray system is not dead but none of the dvd’s q insert is read they even try to read but in the end if I click on the icon of the dvd drive on my computer asks to insert disk drive D :, what to do game all in the trash or still have to recover and make them good?

Are the drives old?
What models are they?

drives are from the years 2009, 2010, 2011 but some of them have little use

Models: LG GH24NS90, Samsung SH-S223F / BRDH, Samsung SH-S223C

I know the OP said he tested them on two different computers. but were they on two different Windows computers on the same version of Windows? ; I ask because it seems unlikely all three of those drives, that I assume were working years ago(?), would suddenly die at the same time, as it makes me think there is a small chance it could be a weird glitch on Windows itself?

or, another thing that just came to mind… can you try other DVD discs? ; like original pressed discs or burned CD’s or DVD’s just to help rule out that the disc itself might be faulty? ; this is probably the first thing I would check since it takes the least amount of time to check.

but assuming the discs your trying to read are not faulty, here is a test I would try… try them with Linux Mint ( make a bootable Linux Mint USB stick and see if you can see the drives in there and if they read the discs or not. this won’t cost you anything and won’t modify your current systems either. because I figure if you do that, especially on two different PC’s, and it still acts up and won’t read the discs, I would imagine you probably got really unlucky and they all happened to die at the same time (assuming the discs your reading are not faulty).

p.s. but maybe others have further suggestions you could try(?).

Change your SATA cables.

Yeah, good point. I forgot to mention that one which is a simple/quick one to try.

because I figure between what I said, what you just said (and maybe even try different SATA ports on those two different computers) it would seem safe to say that the drives are dead if they continue to not work.

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…and also try on different SATA controllers because most MBs come with 2 and only one of them is ODD capable. Not to forget disabling RAID on that controller too.