Three questions about LG drives



Q1. What is your favorite LG burner and why?
Q2. How many LG drive do you own?
Q3. What was the biggest disappointment you had from your LG drive?

If you have more to add, feel free to do so.


I’ll bite :smiley:

  1. All my LG DVD burners are exceptional performers, but the one that stood out (it’s retired now) was the 4163B. :slight_smile:

  2. I own 3 - one CD-RW, and two DVD burners.

  3. Biggest disappointment (and you knew this was coming :p) was not getting many firmware updates for the 4167B. :frowning:


I’ve had the following.

[B]GSA-4163B[/B] It was the fastest 16x burner and good burning quality. It’s in a USB enclosure now and still used.

[B]GSA-H10N[/B] Another fast drive and good writing quality. It’s in my daughters PC now and she still uses it.

[B]GGW-H20L (Blu ray/HD DVD)[/B] An outstanding drive. I intend to hold onto this drive for a long time. It’s in my main PC and is still used regularly.

  1. GSA-4163B, great drive as indicated.

  2. Just the 4163B.

  3. Lack of firmware updates.


I have only owned one LG drive, the GGW-H20L Blu Ray. It is my new playtoy and has been very good for the four and a half days I’ve owned it. :bigsmile:
Burned one BD-RE at 2x with no issues, but took a very long time. Will definitely look up the process for Quick Format before trying that again.

Biggest disappointment so far was the cost. Yeesh. Wiped out my month’s allowance for non-essential spending. (and yes golf is part of the essentials!)

Only other caveat is the blue ray of death LED on the front of the drive. It can light up a city block if you keep the drive running/writing at night.

  1. GSA-H10@H12N - DL performance and quality, best quality with average media
  2. H10@H12N, H22N, H42@H44N, H55N, GH22NP20, GGW-H20L and an old combo 4480B - 7 drives
  3. Burn quality with -R media with recent Panasonic based drives ( H55N and GH22 )


#1. LG GSA-55 N/L Very good 20X burn quality ( both +R and -R )
#2. around 40 drive
#3. all new LG Drive


[QUOTE=Burnsama;2155362]#2. around 40 drive[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=Burnsama;2155362]#3. all new LG Drive[/QUOTE]
Care to give us some more details?


How about your opinion, vroom? :wink:

  1. My best LG drive is the GGW-H20L because it does everything, and it does it very good.

  2. 3 Lg drives, LG GE20LU10, GGW20L and a 42L@44L

3.If we let the firware support out of the equation, my biggest disappointment would be the poor cd burning capability of my 42L@44L, C2 errors even with good quality media.


Care to give us some more details?[/QUOTE]

1X 4166B / 2X 2166D / 2X H-10N / 6X H-10L / 3X H-22L / 1X H-42N / 3X H-42L / 3X H-44L / 5X H-55N / 3X H-55L / 1X GBW-H20L / 2X GH20NS10 / 1X GH20LS10 / 1X GH20 ? S15 / 1X GH22NP20 / 1X GH22LP20
and couple more HP / Memorex brand LG drive ( H-20L / ??? )

  1. GSA-4160B, 4 years of heavy usage and it still works. H62N @ H66N is my best CD writer beating all my other burners.

  2. 3 drives. 4160B, H62N @ H66N and a DVD/CD Combo drive (4480B)

  3. Lack of firmware updates of the “forgotten” H6xx series.


Q1. What is your favorite LG burner and why?
LG BE06LU11, because it can do everything, from CD, DVD, Blu-ray and read HD DVD and it’s external. I ran out of internal space :smiley:

Q2. How many LG drive do you own?

One DVD drive: GSA 4163B, and four LG blu-ray/hd dvd.

Q3. What was the biggest disappointment you had from your LG drive?
Lack of firmware update.
The first generation of Blu-ray drives (GBW-H10, GGW-H10) can’t burn newer blu-ray media.

  1. 4163B
  2. 2
  3. Riplock (lack of firmware updates)

Not speed, but is good burner (see note below) and reader (recovered some very old cds with it)

C2 doesn’t hicup on good discs, though it isn’t good on bad ones either. Having older cd-dvdr drives which am looking at again for better ripping sollution. Hate not to use c2, need to find a drive in the ones i have for doing this. So far all nec and pioneer drives i have are of no use for audio image backups.

note: Even with good dvd-+r discs, the 4163b has a tendancy to drop off at the end of recording. I record always to 4gb to preserve data from outer edge grazing over time. Which cannot account for data drop off, only happens on tv media backup, not with iso or other big file data backups.