Three Plextor drives



I own three computers with three Plextor drives:

Compaq 4660, 300MHz PII, 256MB, Plextor 16/10/40A, ROM 1.05, Plextor drive bought 05-01, no ASPI layer installed

Compaq 5WV294, 1GHz Athlon, 512MB, Plextor PX-708A, ROM 1.06, Plextor drive bought 04-04, ASPI layer installed is mix of 4.71.1 and 4.6; this computer also contains a no-name DVD-ROM drive

Shuttle ST61G4, 3GHz P4, 1GB, Plextor PX-708A, ROM 1.6, Plextor drive bought 01-04, ASPI layer installed is 4.71.2

All computers are running Windows XP Home and Exact Audio Copy version 0.95 prebeta 5. In addition, Roxio Easy Media Creator version 7.0.389.0 is installed in the two machines running the PX-708A drives.

First question: is the ASPI layer really needed for ripping audio CD’s? The Compaq with the 16/10/40A rips any and all CD’s perfectly with no ASPI software installed.

Second question: while the machine with the 16/10/40A rips CD’s perfectly, the two machines with the PX-708A’s do not. With the PX-708A’s about one out of 20 disks will either rip very slowly, like 0.5X, or fail to rip at all. And on a couple of CD’s the PX-708A’s will not show a disk in the drive. A two-CD set of the opera H.M.S. Pinafore on London is a perfect example. Disk two shows up in Windows Explorer and Exact Audio Copy with no problems and any of the songs rip without a problem. Yet disk one will not show up in Windows Explorer or Exact Audio Copy using the two PS-708A drives, but disk one will work fine in the 16/10/40A or the no-name DVD-ROM.

There is a problem here, but I do not know what. Please advise. Thank you.


First Question:

There are many Digital Audio Extraction methods. Some require ASPI. Some don’t. Some are more secure/faster than others. If you are satisified with the extraction when you don’t have an ASPI layer, then I see no reason to mess with your system and put more stuff on it.

Second Question:

With your HMS Pinafore problems, there might be some sort of multisession issue. In Plextools Pro, try enabling the Single Session option for the PX-708A and then put the disc in and try to rip it. (Note: The drive must be empty when you enable it.) If it rips fine, then possibly that disc is not a standard CD Audio disc and the drive is having problems recognising it.

Note: If you don’t have Plextools Pro, then please read the Plextor FAQ in this forum to learn how to get it.


Hi easley55

about EAC, I suggest you to set “Native Win32 interface for NT & 2000” under EAC->EAC Options->Interface. In this way EAC does NOT use ASPI at all. This step may not work (also system crashes are possible): in this case the hint is to download the NERO ASPI DLL, put it in EAC main directory and enable “Installed external ASPI interface” instead (you have to restart EAC each time you change the interface).

People often had problems with EAC and latest Adaptec ASPI 4.70 and 4.71.

By the way, as Jucius_Maximus pointed out, since you have Plextor hardware you should give a try to Plextools: it is a fine piece of software, and it is great for DAE.

Hope this helps,



To both of you: Thanks for the quick replies.

I can and will try Plextools and the Nero ASPI layer. However, I think there is a bigger problem here as certain disks are not being read in Windows Explorer either–or if they do get read, then copying is extremely slow.

For example, I can copy disk two of Micrsoft Streets & Trips 2003 from any of my optical drives to the hard disk in a couple of minutes. Yet disk one takes more than an hour in the 708A drives but copies at a normal rate of speed in the no-name DVD ROM or the 10/16/40A drive.

Naturally the disks are in great shape with no scratches or dings, etc.

However, I do have a copy of the La Bamba soundtrack that has a couple of serious scratches, which are so bad that a couple of Sony CD players won’t play the disk at all. But all of the Plextors and the no-name DVD ROM read it fine.

Any other thoughts? Thanks again.


As already mentioned, the discs could have some sort of copy protection on them. The Plextor DVD recorder is a writer which means that it reads CDs differently than a normal CD or DVD reader. Give PlexTools with its single session option a try and report back if this fixes the problem.


I have tried all the suggestions, including the one by Plextor tech support. Same results. The problem remains that the 708A drives in two different computers cannot read certain data and music CD’s that are read with no problem with another Plextor CD-RW drive and a no-name DVD-ROM drive.

I did get a copy of PlexTools and it’s no better than EAC or EMC7 as it doesn’t see the CD’s either.

Any other suggestions? Thank you.


Did you remember to enable ‘Single Session Only’ in PlexTools for the PX_708A?


Yes, I did enable single session, but the drive still does not see the disks.


Thanks for everyone’s suggestions. I tried them all, and I tried those from Plextor tech support. I even tried flashing the BIOS back to 1.03 and then coming back to 1.06. Same results everytime. My two drives on two different computers do not read certain data and music disks that other Plextor and DVD ROM drives do. Does anyone have any others suggestions as to things to try? Many thanks!