Three partions

can anyone give me some advice on why my hp compaq 6720s has three partions one saying c local drive then e os tools the e hp recovery do i need the two partions cant i just have the one my hp recovery says 757mb free of 7.08gb.its driving me mad any comments please.:confused:

I’m not an expert when it comes to HP and their recovery partitions, but my guess is that the second partition (OS Tools) is filled with tools that would most likely come in handy should the primary partition or Windows get corrupted and needs to be reinstalled.

However you shouldn’t be seeing these partitions or the remaining space left over in Windows unless you’re using a specialized utility. So just ignore it. :wink:

Jamesc359, I think it’s a good guess. :iagree:

What’s even worse [I]zozzykid[/I], the two “HP partitions” can on some compus have different file systems (NTFS and FAT).
My advice; if you like good and peaceful life, don’t mess with them. :wink:

[All this ofcourse in no way hardware related…]

That is why you do not get the cd’s with a store bought PC. Those extra partitions contain the OS cd and all of the drivers and software cd’s that would have come with the motherboard and software if purchased separately. If you want to delete those partitions, then contact the manufacturer and purchase a recovery cd. Also, that is why when you first use it, it says to back up the HD, so you will not lose this if the hard drive crashes and needs to be replaced.