Three movies sitting on my hd

hi there,

this one goes out mainly to rene. don’t get me wrong on this one, please: i have three movies sitting on my hd at the moment and a few days ago i’ve read about erwin working on version 1.2.
here’s my question to you: will the new version be out in just a few days? cause if so, i’ll wait. if not, i’ll process 'em using 1.1.3.
thanx for a great software and awesome support,


This is exactly one of the reason why we normally do not say anything about new releases. Yes, I am working on a new version, and it is still a lot of work. And as always, it is impossible to say when it is ready and what it exactly will feature. I recommend you process those movies …


thank you much for your answer, erwin. being a programmer myself, i totally get your point.