Three major PS3 game titles delayed until 2007

I just posted the article Three major PS3 game titles delayed until 2007.

 DamnedIfIknow used our news submit to tell us that for whatever reason, some of the games for the  PlayStation 3 could be delayed until after the first of the year. This would be  inconvenient...
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Not just for gamers? Who else will buy it if its not for games?

They had to say something like that, Makes them smell better

Well tbh me partly,mainly gonna use it for blu-ray,kids will use for games in which i have to say they will be getting ex rental/used games unless dvd jon does crack it by end of the year,also it dont matter to me regarding HD,dvd now is good enough for me so wont de putting HD movies etc on when i get me blu ray burner:X

It would be BlueRay Jon and not DVD though…:B

This is basically what Sony is doing… :X

I guess you all know by now that its gonna be for more than 600$!

This product redefines the term “stillborn”. It’s one hilariously funny disaster after another, ranging from delays of the device itself, drastically exorbitant overpricing, delays in the games, Blu-Ray posturing, you name it. In short, it’s typical Sony BS and all-hype-no-substance fodder. By the time they get to the airport in Tokyo, the flight has already landed in Miami.
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Whooptie f**kin’ doo. Last console I bought was a Super NES

haha, it was a Genesis for me.

Does the Commodore 64 pass for a game console? load"*",8,1 lol, I think thats how it went! :wink:

Err… As, e.g. a BluRay player maybe?

Pathetic but true. We know that a lot of people out there are just wasting their lives waiting for the PS3 and will buy it asap even if it costs a lot and evne if only one stinky game is available at launch. :r But after this? The 360 will sell even more!

And they say the computer gaming industry is dying! HAH! I’ve got YEARS of backlogged PC gaming (And classic console gaming) before I’ll need or WANT to touch any nextgen machine. Esp. for $500+ :r

I hear you there. I have about 50 PC games to play before I touch another console.
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$600 PS3 + extra controller $40 + 3 games $180 = $820, it’s not looking too pretty for Sony This only continues to show how arrogant and selfish Sony has become