Three LCD companies plead guilty to price-fixing scheme

I just posted the article Three LCD companies plead guilty to price-fixing scheme.

LG Display, Sharp, and Chunghwa Picture Tubes will plead guilty and pay $585 million in fines stemming from criminal charges of a price-fixing conspiracy between the three companies.
The companies…

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Good maybe we’ll see these puppies drop in price now.

I hope that biatch from the EU gives them hell, she’s always good in breaking fine records!

LG - Good. I hate Lucky Goldstar
Sharp - Now I’m sad. I like(d) Sharp.
Chunghwa - Who?

Michael Mukasey,
Well done people should be outraged at this I know I am.:clap:

Looks like Lucky Goldstar’s luck ran out… :smiley:

Don’t count on it impacting prices. The collusion occured through 2006.

I was saying this LONG ago… people were to ignorant to listen. It continues today as well with other products. Sounds like the 3 cellphone companies in Canada. They are doing the same thing in colluding to keep prices sky high!

So, how much of this money will go back to the consumers who paid the inflated prices? Which makes me wonder, who does get the money, and what do they do with it?

“How much money will go back to the consumers?”

"Who does get the money?"
Secret government agencies.

"What do they do with it?"
When they’re ready to tell us, I’m sure you’ll be the first to know.

It’s like the Wall Street bailout money no one ever even cares about Main Street anymore really sad our government has come to this.

Lower the price of LCDs! I want to see more 1080p screens at 30-46/7 inch between $350-1000, not $800-1600
These companies are making millions of units, yet they never passed on any savings costs, and colluded to fix/raise prices… the average LCD is $50-100 MORE this year, than last year… supposedly that trend was suppose to be $100-150 lower… due to all the supposed demand after analog NTSC becomes DTV (digital television video).