Three drives ony 2 devices?

I have an NEC and Toshiba DVD drives on D: and E: and have noticed recently that drive F has appeared. Anybody have any idea why this drive could have appeared as it’s not a physical drive?

Also, The NEC no longer reads or writes to DVDs and this has occurred around same time as drive F appearing. Any ideas on how I can troubleshoot this issue would be gratefully received.

The only disk drive installed is WDC WD400BB 32CLB0 (doesn’t mean anything to me?)

NEC DVD RW 3550A (D:)
Toshiba DVD ROM (E:)
GW2291R LMB232T SCSI cdrom device (F:)


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I would assume you have some kind of emulation software installed - Daemon Tools, Alcohol, anything like that?

If so, that’s where the extra drive’s come from - and it might also account for your NEC problems, as that kind of software often messes up drive access/burning. :slight_smile: