Three dead after military jet crashes into residential area



Scary stuff!

SAN DIEGO - A fighter jet returning to a Marine base after a training exercise crashed in flames in a San Diego neighborhood Monday, killing three people on the ground, leaving one missing and destroying two homes.

The pilot of the F/A-18D Hornet jet ejected safely just before the crash around noon at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar. Explosions rocked a neighborhood of half-million-dollar homes, sending flames and plumes of smoke skyward.

“The house shook; the ground shook. It was like I was frozen in my place,” said Steve Krasner, who lives a few blocks from the crash. “It was bigger than any earthquake I ever felt.”

Spoke with my dad who worked on a flight crew in the U.S. Marines, and he was telling me about how pilots were instructed to try and take the jet into a field or other safe area before ejecting. Something must have seriously went wrong and couldn’t be fixed in enough time for the pilot to eject and have the jet slam into the neighborhood.



I did say he ejected just before the crash so maybe he tried to do everything he could to get the plane somewhere isolated. I feel for the pilot as well as the families of the civilians that were killed. For the pilot that is a hell of a weight to carry around the rest of your life.


Where we live, the RAF often do practice sessions around the hills and mountains and, it is always a slight worry that a plane could come down in the town. Only one plane ever crashes here, an RAF Tornado. The pilot was able to get the stricken plane out over the sea before ejecting. But as UTR already said. Maybe the pilot of this F18 could not fly the plane at all and it was doomed.

I guess the pilot must feel terrible too.


If both engines die, an F-18 will drop like a rock out the sky. There is no gliding. I’m pretty sure that the pilot is feeling like crap.



The Father of the lost family forgave the pilot. His compassion and state of being is an example of one of the most whole human beings I have ever witnessed. His statement in questioning how to deal with his situation was heartbreaking. This man was and is incredible.


Yes the statement from the father was great I read it twice becuase his words were what a great person who is hurting as bad as he was should have said. Only those of us who have lost a child can truly know how he feels. Here is his statement