Three Broken Plextor Drives?

Built a PC about 8 months ago (Gigabyte GA-965P-DS3, Core 2 Duo, etc) with a Liteon for reading/scanning and a Plextor 716SA for writing.

After about 5 months the Plextor stopped working. Contacted support and they sent a replacement 755SA drive. This drive took about two minutes to complete the lead-in and started/stopped 20 times during the burn process. Needless to say, the scans were the worst I’ve ever seen.

Contacted Plextor and followed their suggestions before they concluded there was something wrong with the drive - sent me another 755SA replacement.

I think you can guess where this one is going… The replacement drive is doing almost the same thing - slow lead-in, start/stop, etc. Although, this drive is no where near as bad as the 1st one (about 6 start/stops). However, a 50% quality score (Nero) on Verbatim TYG03 is not what I would call a good result.

Either -

a) There’s something wrong with the SATA interface on the motherboard.

b) This is another duff drive. The serial number on the 2nd replacement is only a couple of digits out from the 1st replacement and the manufacture date on both is March 2006.

Has anyone else received a duff PX755SA replacement from Plextor Europe lately or had problems with the DS3 motherboard and Plextor drives?

I don’t see how the board could be killing the drives, but the PSU certainly could be the culprit. There are no inherent issues with Plextor SATA drives and Intel SATA chipsets, in fact they work best with that combination (though AHCI can cause some issues with PlexTools).

I try to stay away from cheap PSU’s, given past problems. I put an Antec 500W PSU in it - and it wasn’t cheap.

Here are a couple of the scans I made from the first replacement drive and the second.

The next one was done on the Liteon for comparison.

Try redoing those Lite-On scans at 4x; I was just reading a thread where it was mentioned that funny things happen with LH-20xxx drives when you scan above that speed (like those spikes). My old SOHW-812S did that a lot when scanning DVD-Rs. Also, try a PlexTools Q-Check scan for comparison.

I own a gigabyte dq6 p965 rev1.0 2 plextor 755a and 1 760sa. From my experience there seems to be issues with gigabyte and plextor.From one hand Gigabyte has bios issues (if you own a p965 a bios update can fix many things if you own a P35 chpset even worse cause there’s no new revisions out or bios yet).Plus drivers are not so reliable (J MICRON :a :a ).From what i’ve read in the forum the best thing is to use microsoft ide driver and make your drive operate as ide if you don’t already know or done that.
My plextor experience is even worse.In the begining i got my self 2 755a and all i got was system hangs very slow seek/access times and loads of destroyed -+rw media of all brands.So i decided to request RMA and when my new drives arrived i had exactly the same problems.Anyway 1.07 firmware improved the situation but still i’won’t dare erase any rw media cause i know after that the disc is going in the trashcan (good thing i sold one them).After that i bought 760 SA and that was it i could not get a descent copy of anything especially movies and believe me i’ve tried all kinds of software and tried out all my sata ports downgraded upgraded plextor firmwares but noting changed so rma AGAIN and AGAIN nothing changed.I
I emailed plextor support but nothing yet.There warranty services are excellent but there feedback support is late and lame.
I’ ve never heard of dvd drives that operate better with certain media brands or with certain drivers and applications.Recently i bought 2 NEC 7170S and they operate perfectly with any driver,application and sata port on my motherboard giving me the scans and the quality i need to see.Still there’s the quality issue here for you people but in my case i’ve never seen quality from the King Of quality??? :clap:(they do have a difficulty as well reading and copying from scratched media :clap: ).I feel sorry for all that cash on media and so called quality dvd drives thrown in the trash can
(120 euros for the 760SA :a :a :a ).