Three Britians arrested in piracy raids - effects confiscated



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 GristyMcFisty used our news submit to tell us that three  people from the United Kingdom have been arrested in part of a crackdown on  organised software piracy.  The UK arrests took ...
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Doesn’t it feel a little too convenient that they found weapons and counterfeit driving licences? Seems like they themselves don’t think that software piracy sounds like a serious enough crime… Haven’t we seen this kind of behaviour from “big brother” before?


Big Brother is right. It’s been shown in court cases where I live that the local Sherrifs carry contraband and “plant” it on you when they need to make an arrest or in order to increase the number of counts against you. A couple of them got booted off the force for this. Corrupt cops is a reality in the USA. Just look at Ashcroft and the Republicans if you want to see the biggest crooks of all.


Yes, if they don’t know what they are going to find, there is always the usual case with “weapons”… Looks quite a lame way to get someone arrested but that’s how things are going these days. As we’re living in a big global world, corruption is a common thing, no matter where you live. But the worst thing is that if they really want to catch someone, they always can find a reason… And (of course) those who would deserve being caught, they always live a safe life. regards, Stephen


[I]and “plant” it on you when they need to make an arrest[/I] I believe the correct legal term they use in court is “fabrication of evidence at the scene of the crime with malicious intent to wrongfully obtain a conviction”. The result: the cops are found guilty, sent to jail (most times) and have their arses used as human toilets by other prisoners…


I find it hard to believe that guys who waste away their days in the warez scene bother with guns. Are they practising their Half=Life skills on each other? And why would they need fake driver’s licenses? What are they afraid they’re gonna get pulled over on their daily journeys through cyberporn and asked for ID? Credit Cards, well yeah I see that alot on warez scenes…


Under UK law it’s illegal to have any personal weapon whatsoever, including cans of CS spray, TASERS, flick knives etc. In fact ANYTHING that could be used as a weapon is illegal unless you have a legitimate purpose (ie. a cooking knife in the lounge). If it’d been firearms, that’d have been an automatic 5 year prison sentence just for that. Oh, and btw: it’s BriTONS (sorry, I can’t help it, my Dad’s an English teacher).
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Such rubbish press releases on this type of thing. They will try to associate real crime with computer crime. Weapons and forged documents probably means someone scanned their drivers license and had a kitchen knife in there house. Please dont beleave everything you read.


“Detective Superintendent Mick Deats” Err… did this pop into anyone else’s head… I’m sure he got called ‘dick meats’ in school. :B But it’s really sad to see old skool groups get taken down like that. Where am I going to get the latest C64 releases from now? But seriously, offensive weapons could mean anything. Ya gotta love the news being so vague in everything.