Thread subscription question

I’ve been receiving e-mails about new post in threads that I already unsubscribed many weeks ago - why did this happen? And it not only happened once, but three times so far. I was going to send a PM to a mod, but thought it would be better to post here, just in case someone else is experiencing the same problem.

do you use the link in the email to unsubscribe? that’s what i use and have had 100% success.

Most of the time yes but other times I just go to my profile and click unsubscribe there. But both methods should work anyway, right?

Now this is really getting on my nerves…I just received another e-mail about a new post in another thread which I have unsubscribed weeks ago. What is going on? Am I the only one experiencing this problem? What should I do?

I have no clue, do they also appear in your profile ?

Yes they did. I checked and unsubscribed from there just then - which was the fourth time so far. It’s strange indeed. Now I have no subscription in my profile, let’s see how long that will last. I guess the only way to see is not to subscribe to any thread and wait until it happens again?

Yes, you also might want to check (community section) if there are other people with the same problem.