Thread post count query

I’d like to draw your attention to the below screenshot.

Savannah: Post 666
slayerking: Post 667
Namoh: Port 668

And the next screenshot.

Namoh: Post 667

It seems the post count outside the thread is one less than the post count inside the thread. (At least in this instance)
It’s not a staggering issue (if an issue at all) but the general concensus was 'wtf? :confused: ’ and thus, this thread was born.

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In the thread the first post is counted as post 1. However outside this I beleive that it is not counted as only the replies are counted. Therefore 1 difference.

668 = 1 Original Thread + 667 Replies
667 = 667 Replies

I hope that makes sense.

Indeed, it makes sense now. Thank you for your reply :slight_smile: