Thread deleted

Ok, I started a thread about exe cracks and if it had become that the latest game protections could no longer be cracked.
I was not helping people get illegal cracks, so I cant really see how I broke the rules. However the thread was still deleted.
Just wondered why this was?

Ben :slight_smile:

i know it… i know… :stuck_out_tongue:

Oops… typos :o

hm, now you corrected it it the original first post, so this thread is not that funny any more… :wink: :rolleyes:
i did not read your “mysterious” thread, but i think it’s not good to talk about cracks, as this could people give a wrong understanding of the legal situation…

and maybe, you shall not find cdfreaks within the first 5 hits, if you search for crack(s), warez in google… :stuck_out_tongue:

well, ok, i admit: i don’t know why an objective thread was deleted… :o

I refered to them as “illegal cracks” and “illegal groups”.

Ben :slight_smile:

offtopic: this was you 3.666 post - aren’t you tired of typing " Ben :slight_smile: " under every post you do? :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

One screw up in 3,667 posts, not bad for a kid.

Nope :wink:



Why the bump Ben?

Because I was wondering if the mod/admin that deleted the thread could explain why they did, and if I broke any rules. And the thread had gone off topic, and other threads had been started in the “CD Freaks Forum Talk” section, meaning this thread would likely be ignored.


Ben :slight_smile:

Ben, your thread was not deleted, it was moved to another part of the forum which normal users cannot see.

Why did I move it?

  1. Talking about cracks only encourages poeple.
  2. Cracks have little to do with Copy Protection.

Sorry it took so long to respond but I have been busy.

I suppose here they dont matter alot here as we dont talk about how to get/use cracks, but people are talking about other types of cracks (DRM etc). Yes they are illegal, the are probably what the protections companies fear most (much more than semi-working un-cracked copies) and so it is somethimes usefull to see if the anti-cracking front of the protections is getting better/worse.

Anyway, thanks for getting back to me about it.


Ben :slight_smile: