Thread Closed: "New Firmware for 5005 is available Now"

This morning, checking the LiteOn US Download site, there is a new Firmware for the USA/CANADA LVW 5005. hopefully this will correct the “Cabbage Face Syndrome” and the “Jitter” problems some of us have.
Regard’s; Pop’s

Any news so far? Is it working?

I wonder if they have an update for the 5006 as well.
I will try from home later since I don’t have my serial number right now.
If they fix the green tint problem, then this unit would be a great device to have for the price.

I installed the upgrade about 5 hours ago. All looks good so far. I am going to run it without any hack’s for a few days to be very sure there are no “Bug’s” and then I plan to do the Macrovision Hack. The upgrade went in smooth as silk, did not even have to set the machine to Default/Restore. Just put it on a CD-R disk wiht Nero and put it in the tray and away it went. It will be just great if this takes care of our problems.
Regards; Pop’s

Yes There is an update for the 5006, only problem is there is a problem with the download link, It don’t work!
typical liteon!!! lol

If anyone manages to download this update for the 5006 let me know.

feel free to try the link!

The file that I got was this one (USA model)

And this one for UK model

Hope this is the right one.

andy have you tried this update on your 5006 yet?
I dont understand how when I type my serial number
I get a different update to the one you posted
my serial 0104-3240-0098-G2BD
gives me

not yet. I’m at work right now and will do it later tonight. I’m really happy with the unit right now and I can see the green tint problem from time to time. I’m even getting back 50 dollars from Radio Shack today (sale + rebate). it will be great if this fix works.
I will post something after I update this tonight.

managed to get the file I needed
liteon had missed a 5 out of the file name
file name is:- LNHBE098.ES5

and not

Just did the update for the US version of 5005. Interestingly enough, the update serial number hasn’t changed. Last time I updated, it did change.
Current serial number is 0102 1840 0098 G2BD. Anyone else notice this?

intersys; The only change in my SN was in the last 6 digits in the brackets. They went from: (103-010D) to (105-010D) I have been watching the TV for about 6 1/2 hours now and all seems OK yet. Hope it stays that way.

Hey Pops

Thanks much…I applied the 3hr and macrovision patches and so far so good. I’ll post more info after I use it for a longer time period.

Pops, thanks for heads up on update! Of course we all checked it every day, but nice anyway! Been busy as hell, have downloaded, and tomorrow apply…going to follow your plan and run factory after update for awhile…and then the 3 hour, and try and skip the no mv…thanks again…larry

Hey everybody, sorry I reposted below!

Hey everybody,
I got my replacement machine last week and it still has Jump/jitter and green hue worse than before!! Came in the box with no wrapping just the styrofoam and a few scratches, being that I sent them a perfect “just like new” unit not a scratch on it and wrapped in the original packaging this didn’t set too good with me being it was delivered on a damp/rainy day!! I got back a 5005 that was the same as the one I had sent in with the same Rev. 2 mainboard, 2GBD S/N, a 451s drive, only 2 small heat sinks added to the mainboard, same black heat sink on the main processor. The only thing different is some paper-like copper shielding where the front ports & the LED’s are? I was upset!! I thought when I got it back from Liteon that everything would be upgraded, so in a last ditch effort last night I applied the “Drivers” update and it seemed to help some… I have now just updated with the new firmware and so far so good. The green hue is much better! Don’t know about the Jump/Jitter which is my biggest concern!! I’m leaving mine on for 24 hrs+ non-stop to see if I can see any jump/jitter. Intersys I’m waiting on you before I do any hacking for the 3hr mode and the MV off!!

Just looked back @ my TV and I’m getting the JUMP/JITTER so I’m not too happy now!!! Anybody got any ideas before I send this piece of crap back to Liteon?? My source is Time Warner Cable digital with S-video into the 5005 & out to the TV (monster cables both ways)… I’m mad that they took me for stupid and didn’t send me one of the newer 5005’s with a different mainboard and DVD drive like some of you got! I preparing to blister them tomorrow!! Liteon support hope your watching the forum!!! Have you ever heard of the BBB & The CA Attorney Gereral??? I’ll give anybody the benefit of the doubt once but I ain’t gonna get screwed twice!! Sorry to vent but I’ve been a loyal supporter of Liteon with 15+ products purchased over the last 5 years personal & business! None of us should have to put up with this CRAP, and we shouldn’t back down until they fix these problems or give us our $$ back!! How many could they sell if the box said: “Works once in awhile in between the Jump/jitter and the cabbage patch/green hue”!! I don’t like being negative because I’m a positive person, but I feel like you need to hear this story because it appears some people get OK service and some don’t! Looks like I came up on the short end of the stick this time!!
Thanks for all your support!!
had1 :a

Just loaded the Aussie version ( Ilohacker patched of course !!!) works fine !

Is it my imagination or has the new firmware upgrade sorted out the sound problem on the U.K. TV tuner?
It’s not fantastic but it certainly is much, MUCH better than it was before.

Has anyone else noticed this on the U.K. recorders?

This seems to have fixed all my problems with my uk 5006
no more green patches and sound now fine.
just need to hack the firmware then im sorted!

Just tried to grab the latest update for a USA/Canada 5006. Like others it said there was one available (, but the link to this file is dead. Based on what other’s found I changed the file to and this name worked.

Aquestion though… Andy2005, did I read you correctly that you have a USA 5006 also? If so from what you said it looks like the new firmware you downloaded was, correct? Just curious as to why you got a different firmware. Can you, or anyone, confirm the correct firmware download file for an USA/Canada 5006?

D/l’d and the installed the US 5005 system patch Installed it and everything looks good!