Thousands of fans show their support for DVDFab

We’ve just posted the following news: Thousands of fans show their support for DVDFab[newsimage][/newsimage]

Chinese DVD and Blu-ray backup software developer DVDFab has received thousands of supportive messages on their ILikeDVDFab website. Currently the website states that over 16,000 Twitter users have shown their support by tweeting they want DVDFab back.

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that’s just giving the entertainment industries even more reason and make them even more determined to snub DVDFab out. the guys there are right, in my opinion and the entertainment industries want them gone for good. what is really bad though, again in my opinion, is that the USA thinks that it has the right to sue who they like where they like. you try and do the reverse and sue the USA because something they have done/are doing is impacting a foreign company and the message would be a resounding ‘f**k off’!!

This ugly mess isn’t really the entire USA’s fault. Every country will have some good people, and some complete a-- holes. The problem is that, in this case, the a-- holes have gotten enough power to screw everyone with only a small amount of power abuse (to my knowledge, only Fengtao has been sued).

Imagine what will happen if they decide this incident was “successful”. They would probably campaign to give DRM crackers the death sentence. “You cracked our ‘protection’ software, so we’ll crack open your skulls”.

I’m one of those thousands of fans :slight_smile:

[QUOTE=SexyTec14;2727543]I’m one of those thousands of fans :)[/QUOTE]

And there are very many more than this as well.

DVDFab is an immensely popular program.