Thoughts on the Kinect

I was really excited about the Kinect when I saw the viral stuff for it the first time. I figured I was going to pick it up the moment I could. However, as time drug on to the upcoming release date, I started to think about it some more.

I think I still want to get it, but does anyone have some thoughts on how many games will actually make sense with it? For instance, I was watching the video where the girl is driving the race car with her hands. At first it was cool, but then I thought “wouldn’t it be more realistic with an actual steering wheel in your hands?” (Which of course already exists). Then I thought about first person shooters and all the other types of games where I would actually want something in my hands. That’s tons of sports, driving, shooting, etc.

So now, I see the fun I could have with games that ONLY involve the body like fighting and dancing, but what else is there? Am I completely missing the point? I’m starting to wonder if this thing will be a waste of money for me. I know my kids still want it regardless :rolleyes: Any thoughts?

Side note: There is an amusing and not-so-subtle Sony campaign against the Kinect HERE