Thoughts on SecuROM new

Good news and bad news…I believe to know what Sony did with SecuROM new, Here’s the scoop. Clone CD was built to beat SafeDisk games. Every SafeDisk 1&2 games have the bad sectors at the first part of the CD when the Drive reads em. Safe Disk 1 has about 1,500 bad sectors; Safe Disk 2 has about 10,020 bad sectors always at the begingin of the CD. Now if Clone CD was built for Safe Disk games to beat em it would check for Fast Error Skip first then disable it if it had no bad sectors. I used CD Mate and I saw in the reading a 99% of the CD the log said Bad Sector. With Clone CD the at 99% it skips that part of the CD it can’t read it cause of the bad sector and FES isn’t turned on I looked in the log. that 99% part of the CD the very last part is subchannel data that has the digital signature on it at 99% which will allow the CD to decrypt before installation. If the Digital Signature isn’t copied the CD won’t even auto-play trust me I made hella lot coasters with WarCraft III store bought CD. Tried it for the first time on CD Mate it worked. Cause CD Mate can have the bad sector any time when reading. Where Clone CD at 99% will skip that part cause Fast Error Skip isn’t enabled that quick. Looks like we need to contact Clone CD makers or Author to fix FES to read it faster. Im using a Lite-On 24x10x40. Adminstrators here tell me what you think? I made WarCraft III sucessful on my first try with CD Mate =)


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You may possibly be right that sony has introduced a bad sector or two at the end of the disc (I found 2 on The Thing, out of the last 3 actually) but this hasn’t prevented me from making working copies with clonecd.

I still am of the view that what matters is how accurately your equipment reads and writes subcodes with the software used. Clonecd and alcohol 120% both work on my system; cdmate fails totally even with original securerom new.

Have you checked the disk with some software like cdrdiagnostic to find out if the disk has bad sectors wich can’t be read at the end of the disk? This could give some help to understand how the protection works?

I occasionally get those errors (1-3) with my Toshi 1402 and the image doesn’t work in D-Tools. If I get 'em, I re-read. Never had 'em with an ASUS writer read or on my 163D :bigsmile: