Thoughts on Colorful SSD's


Currently using a 120Gb OCZ Arc 100. I couldn’t say anything about its performance all I know is my PC boots faster, games loads quicker and tranfer rates are much better.

But 120Gb sure is not enough. Looking forward upgrading to a higher capacity and found this

I mean it’s the cheapest I can find. Gonna make the 120Gb as drive for OS and the 320Gb for games.
Would like to hear your thoughts. Thanks!


These SSD’s are not bad at all. They use an SMI SM2258XT SSD controller coupled to 3D TLC NAND.

Performance is ok, about the same as your ARC100.


As a typical end-user who often gets confused with numbers and only knows (feels) the difference between an SSD and an HDD, I guess I shouldn’t be bothered that a lot. Thanks for the comparison.


Anyone that lives near a Microcenter store can get some screaming deals on their Inland brand SSDs. A 120GB drive is $24.99, a 240GB drive is $42.99, a 480GB drive is $69.99. They also have very good deals on M.2 drives with similar capacities. I bought two of their 2.5" drives and they work very well considering their price point. A link is below.


Good find man. What certain products did you buy.


I have bought two of the 240gb drives. I don’t see any practical difference in performance between these Inland drives and the PNY or Crucial drives I use. I plan to get the 256gb M.2 drive and use it for a USB stick with a M.2 enclosure.


That’s a very expensive flash drive you are planning. What would you use it for.


As another backup for work files. I like being able to keep a backup off site too in case the house burns down. I keep active projects on a Google Drive but older stuff is done to hard backup devices. Also, having a small It actually isn’t bad as the M.2 drive is $60 and the enclosure is $20-$30 for a total of $80-$90. To buy USB flash drive of this capacity and speed it would cost a minimum of $70-$80 and even then many times their actual write speed is far less than advertised. At least I know what I am getting this way. Plus, I like that the size is a bit larger than most USB drives. I can’t count the number of small USB drives I have misplaced.


Thanks for sharing.