Thoughts on 1673s

im in the market for a new dvd burner and so far it seems that the 1673s is not a good choice in drives. is that really the case?

A few months ago i decied to buy a different drive instead of my usuall liteons. I have to say i am not pleased. I bough the nec 3520a. the burn quallity is good. but it wont burn cd media (any format), it wont burn dvdrw (any format), so basically i got a drive that i cant use all of the features of. I have contacted nec and they gave me 3 different firmwares to try, but so far none of them work. They say to rma it, but i have a buddy that wants to buy it and i will just charge him the cost for a replacement. He doesnt burn cds or rws so he thinks it will be a great solution for both of us. as do i.

I would RMA it, why should you keep (and sell) a half working drive? As you see, any brand has its flaws. As I read the threads about the LiteOn 1673, I sure would buy it. It’s an improvement over the 1633/53 series. Good luck.

:bigsmile: Leo

My 1673s works flawlessly…burns everything.

i think if you wait a abit there maybe a firmware that can cross flash 1673s to 1693s lol

so i think its worth a go …on 1673s…beside its might be the last MTK chip that will be made by LO…Because the SONY CHIP/LASER bundle deal?? i cold be wrong on this one lol…HOPE!!

My 2 cents worth; I have had my 1673s for a month now and am totally satisfied with it. Just flashed to the JS05 without incident. I replaced my 813s, it did not like DVD -R media.

I’m getting great results with my 1673s. The only bad burn I had was my very first, and I’m pretty sure I screwed something up myself… I think it all depends on the media you use. I have used nothing by Taiyo Yuden discs. DVD-R, DVD+R and CD-R have all worked beautifully for me.

nice, thanks a ton for all the replies. back to a litey…hmwahahaha

LiteOn 1673s, 16x Verbatim burned at 16x. This drive is excellent!

liteon got it, finally!

Hi Jake…
Which firmware rev are you using??

OOps… never mind, I saw it in the probe results once I logged in.

Is this any good? Its the first time i run the kprobe and i dont know what setting i must put in the program etc. I just put a full dvd with backup files inside (programs, games etc).

And another one at 4x.

Always run Kprobe at 4x not max.

what speed was it burnt at?

At 16x (the disk i wrote and test it).

can you rescan the disc with nero cd-dvd speed?


The picture:

not a transfer test…

in main window go to “epipleon” and select the 4th option. scan @4x speed!