Thoughts and Observations on PX-716UF

I’ve tested two of these, TLA0001 and TLA0101. Between them, I’ve burned 50-75 4.7gb single layer disks, Maxell 8x +R, CMC Magnetics 4x -R, Prodisc 4x -R, Ricoh 4x -R, Ritek 8x -R, Taiyo Yuden 8x +R, Verbatim/MCC 4x-R and 16x +R. I’ve burned at all speeds 4x-16x, with and without Vari-Rec, PoweRec, AutoStrategy and BufferunderrunProof. To my satisfaction, I’ve achieved the best results I can. I’ve seen consistent patterns emerge. Further testing produces repeats of what I’ve seen before.

  • Both have been problem free.
  • Both seem to perform identically.

The best 8x-16x media is a tie between the Taiyo Yuden and Verbatim. Those were the only two that burned at 16x. The Maxell 8x +R gave pefectly acceptable results at 12x speed for third place. The only problem media was the RitekG05 8x -R, which gave “Not Good” results for Q-Check TA test samples.

The PX-716UF has USB2.0 and IEEE1394 support. I was unable to achieve 16x burn speeds with IEEE1394. The upper speed limit is about 14x with IEEE1394. With USB2.0, I achieved 16x with PoweRec=“Off.” With PoweRec=“On,” the peak burn speed was 15.1x.

Using 8x +R YUDEN000T02 at all speeds between 4x and 16x, consistently the best burn occurs when using firmware V1c04 at 16x with the IEEE1394 interface. The attached scan was typical (not the best), was from an actual burn, not a write transfer test.

Compared to the posted scan, here’s how other burn speeds fared with other firmwares, the same file and media.

  • 4x, 8x --> about the same result for PIE, POE as the 16x scan posted, but not as many instances of “EXCELLENT” or “VERY GOOD” on the Q-Test TA.

  • 12x --> not quite as good as the test scan, mostly similar, slight upturn at - the end of the burn, typical PIE max = 50.

  • 16x/USB2.0/V1c04/PoweRec=“OFF”–> similar to the 12x burn with slight upturn at the end, sometimes a few PIF errors, PIE max about 50. Not as many instances of “EXCELENT” or “VERY GOOD” on the Q-Test TA.

  • 16x/USB2.0/V1c04 --> similar to the 12x burn, max’s at 15.1x burn speed, no PIF errors with PoweRec=“ON”.

  • 12x/16x burns with V1.03 firmware usually have higher max and average PIE than V1c04.

  • The best burns happen at 16x with Firmware V1c04 and IEEE1394. With PoweRec and Autostrategy “ON”, the max burn speed can be anywhere from 10x to 14x. Nevertheless, the actual burn time remains competitive to true 16x. In the case of the scan posted below, 6:49.

  • PoweRec does lower the speed somewhat, but reduces max PIE and POE, guards against PIF, and returns more “EXCELLENT” or “VERY GOOD” on the Q-Test TA.

Note: V1c04 firmware is BROKEN! You can use it to burn, but it corrupts DVD playback or ripped files.

Thanks for informing us Tom Roper! Great work :slight_smile:

Thank you very much Tom. I’ve been waiting to get one of these.

great post Tom! your diligence definitely shows and provides GREAT information for all of us. sounds like you have no need to get an 0202 UF, eh?

Guys, I’m diligent, but ultimately wrong. I’m sorry.

I just picked up some new media, and it changed everything. The new batch of YUDEN000T02 8x +R is on sale at BB on the 100 spindle for $0.40 ea. Fuji brand made in Japan.

It burns with different results than the other YUDEN000T02 batch I’ve been using. I’ve been going in circles…(sigh)

Here’s the first burn from the new spindle. Should I complain?

Plextor PX-716UF/USB2.0/TLA01XX/Firmware V1.02/PoweRec=“ON”/AutoStrategy=“ON”/Burned at 8x

rofl, you’re being sarcastic right? that’s a “sick” burn… with FW 1.02 nonetheless.

what were you wrong about? and no, you shouldn’t complain.

what was the burn time?

Answers in reverse order:

1.) I don’t know the burn time. I used the PlexTools write transfer. Once it reached 8x, it flat-lined to the end. How do I tell what the burn time was with PlexTools?

2.) What was I wrong about? Well I think my conclusions were flawed. After burning through a spindle and trying all those different settings, firmwares, cables, I never got really close to the above burn, which all I had to do to make it happen was unwrap a new spindle. I can only guess, that the quality of the media is what matters most. Or I got lucky in spite of myself. Either way, I started the thread because I thought I was on to something. Now I feel I was being teased by the media, or confirming a result because I expected to see it, i.e. placebo effect. Shame on me.

3.) And your point about it being done with V1.02 is shocking to me too. Goes completely counter to what I thought I had figured, (and stated as fact) that V1c04 makes the best burn.

Start all over.


lol Tom…don’t be so hard on yourself. in the short time you’ve been here…you’ve offered up a plethora of useful information with tact and maturity regardless of whether or not your scientific methods are flawed are not (which i don’t think they are…there are just so many variables involved with analyzing DVD burners/burns). the burn quality at 8X with these 716s is very very good, which you’ve shown here, but we want you to show us how to achieve those results at 12X and up (16X being the holy grail). :wink:

I’m pretty sure Plextools Write Transfer Test shows you the burn time in the log (you may have to subtract end/start times though). can’t confirm as im not at home right now (but still glued to

i may give FW 1.02 a shot again when i get home…but seeing as it’s already mid January, i’m hoping plextor releases official 1.04 sooner than later. hrm, maybe the US Plextor site not posting 1.03 was truly justified, but since your burn was at 8X that makes it unlikely as the newer firmware versions supposedly enhance burn quality above 8X (i.e. 12X with 8X media).

i hear ya about media…it’s almost like a drug (with the burner being the paraphenalia). :o

Tom, your 8x burn is excellent! Now how about 12x and 16x? :iagree:

Right now you can’t, it’s too late. Next time… after the write transfer test you can right click on the graph and save as html–png, it will show more info including Start speed, End, Average and Total time. Here is one example.

Another way to do it (which I like better) is to use Nero CDSpeed using Create Data Disk or press the F9 key ( To save the image just click on the small disk icon on the top right.

Don’t visit the bargain forum if you don’t want to be broke. :wink: Lots of quality media on sale posted there.

Burned at 16x
Quality Score=Good

that’s about what i get @ true 16X on Yuden000 T02…would love to see Plextor keep us below 50 PIE at the end with the new firmware. i have a strong feeling it’ll happen.

Same as above, except PoweRec=“ON” and AutoStrategy=“ON”

Same as above, i.e. PoweRec=“ON” and AutoStrategy=“ON”
…but Firmware now switched to V1.02.

Note the less agressive burn strategy.

Pay particular attention how the PIE drops at the point(s) where the PoweRec write strategy reduces the burn speed. Speed kills.

Note that the more agressive burn strategy of V1c04 seems intended to reduce burn time in preference to improving the write quality. I assume they’ve concluded that the PIE errors are acceptable already.

If so, seems kind of logical to assume they could reduce burn times even more, while still having acceptable PIE limits, IF they would increase the burn rate at the beginning, i.e. 8x at the start instead of 6.72x.

Which brings me back to my personal favorite…8x.

When you consider it, the 8x burn time with PoweRec and Autostrategy enabled, is only 128 seconds longer than the V1c04 16x burn with no PoweRec and no AutoStrategy.

not 12X? it’s better than 16X and just about the same burn time and faster than 8X? and what happened to FW 1.03? you’re dissapointing me here, Tom…just kidding. :bow:

Let’s give it a go! 12x and V1.03!

Here’s the 12x. Like drpino stated, it’s actually 10 seconds quicker to burn than 16x with the earlier V1.02 firmware.

Thanks for all the work you’re doing Tom, very nice :iagree:

Thanks G@M3! I’m just having some fun learning. You did the heavy lifting for everybody.