Thoughts about expanding Video Edit Forum

I keep seeing Video related questions spread throughout the various forums. I feel that it would be a good idea to expand the Video Edit forum, to something that would cover all (or a majority) of the video related questions, such as conversion, capture, editing, authoring, rendering. That would make it a lot nicer to have all the video stuff in the same area. Searches would be much easier that way.
What are your thoughts?

Good idea.

I think so too, what do you propose? Renaming, merging, seperating, which what and how, the easier you make it for me, the sooner we can fix it :wink:

I was thinking along the lines of renaming the actual forum to VIDEO FORUM, with subforums for CAPTURE (to include hardware, software, etc.), EDIT (editing software, cutting), AUTHOR (authoring, encoding, burning, of video).
Or something along those lines. I think that would pretty much cover anything to do with video.