Those who own BOTH the 3500 and 3540

I have read numerous posts about the quality of the 3500 and the 3540. But I would like feedback from those who own both. Is the 3450 superior ??? If so, in what way??

Thanks and apologies if this has been covered before. My search did not turn up any satisfactory responses.

I am running both. The 3540 has more advanced features: scanning, 8X RW and support of DL -. At this time the firmware of the 3500 is better and Liggy/Dee have released 2.TG which is much better than 1.01 in the 3540. However, it’s only a matter of time until the firmware of the 3540 matures.


I have both - and can honestly say that the 3540 (w/Liggys fw 101ebt) produces equal and sometimes better quality scans than the 3500 (w/ Liggys fw 21abt)-