'Thor' woos Blu-ray fans in September, merry season for the format still possible



‘Thor’ woos Blu-ray fans in September, merry season for the format still possible.

[newsimage]http://static.rankone.nl/images_posts/2011/10/CWyW0I.jpg[/newsimage]Bemoaning unimpressive DVD sales figures throughout 2011, analyst IHS iSuppli has named three home movie heavyweights that could help rescue the all-important holiday season for the physical media market. Luckily, playing the savior is right up their alley. According to the research group, the release of "Thor," "X-Men: First Class" and the six-film "Star Wars" collection on Blu-ray buoyed the foundering market last month.

Read the full article here: [http://www.myce.com/news/thor-woos-blu-ray-fans-in-september-merry-season-for-the-format-still-possible-53288/](http://www.myce.com/news/thor-woos-blu-ray-fans-in-september-merry-season-for-the-format-still-possible-53288/)

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Um, the star wars blu rays were 79.99 everywhere at launch and 89.99 afterward! 139 is ridiculous.


The industry better enjoy it while they can. Unless people put theatre sized screens in their houses, there won’t be a need for a format superior to bluray. Just like CD was pretty good, so SACD and DVD audio couldn’t catch on.

It’ll probably be the last optical video format. But i’m glad to see it doing well… I really like the quality of blurays (just like I enjoy my cd collection).


SACD and DVD Audio didn’t catch on because you couldn’t easily make copies for yourself and they were infested with DRM, also they didn’t push either format, and players started out stupid expensive so no sales, then they claim nobody wanted them. I get tired of rebuying all my media in different formats, even if it is better, but I really wanted a cheap combo hi res audio player that could do it all and by the time anyone finally released a affordable one that actually worked the formats were all but dead.
I have a Denon 757 now and my first one was a Pioneer 563a, they both worked well, the Denon is a bit better all around but now the disks are almost impossible to find.
Then HD video came out, again with stupid priced players and they fought it out yet again till Sony’s deeper pockets finally one them one. At least while both formats were battling then just after Sony won you could buy some HD movies pretty cheap, then they went right back up to 30 a movie.
I bought a HD DVD player when Toshiba A-2 got cheap, then later found a Demo Panasonic BD 10a Blu Ray player so I could still get HD movies when the cheap HD-DVD’s finally dried up.
I finally started buying bd movies when they started offering good sales on older titles and first release movies, I refused to pay 30 a pop.
They always get greedy with a new format, then eventually realize they need to drop prices to actually move product in volume, they should just start out at a better price. I don’t want to play the download a crippled copy game that MIGHT be HD or have hi res audio tracks that I can’t do anything with easily, and pay for it, then have my provider say I went over on download quota.