Thong Humor


Y’all Gotta See This:

It Is SO Spot On - eh?

Lmao >>>i Want A Pair Of Those Thongs!!!


Thongs are also a type of sandal.

You didn’t click on the link, right? :wink:

Thongs are soooooo 2004. :stuck_out_tongue:

Leave it to BigMike to find a twist on the idea. :disagree:

I didn’t think those ladies would have small bottoms like that :eek:


LMAO!!! :clap:

ok heres my contribution to this thread… …Mexican Thong Song

ok heres my bill clinton fetish song…:smiley: Bimbo Number 5

Please don’t wear that thong lmao

^ and ^^ What GREAT takeoffs on my favorite subject - eh?