Thomson 8540E

Hi everyone.
I have recently purchased the Thomson 8540E DVD Recorder with 80GB HD, and I have the following problem: Even though I delete recordings made in the HDD, the time of recording left doesn’t update and it now shows only 4hr empty space even though it’s completely empty. What can be happening? Any help is welcome.

To me, it seems like either your DVD Recorder is reporting the available recording time on a disc you may have loaded or the hard drive’s file system has become damaged. :rolleyes:

First, just check that the available recording time it reports is not for the disc. This this can be done by making sure the recorder is set to ‘HDD’ mode (or ejecting any disc that may be loaded), such that if you were to press ‘Record’, it would start recording to its hard drive.

Alternatively, as you mention your hard drive is completely empty, it would be worth performing a complete format. Have a look through the menu for a ‘Format’ (or ‘Erase’) option and perform this on the hard drive. This should create a clean new file system also, which would result in the hard drive appearing as if it was that of a new DVD recorder. :wink:

Thanks for the reply.
It certainly isn’t the Disc’s free space that it is reporting. (The drive was empty). As for the formatting option, I don’t seem to find a way to do it. Maybe it’s not an option with this machine?


I am having exaclty the same problem. I talked to loac service and they told me to get the dvd to them to format the hard disk. Did you find any solution to this problem?


No solution has been found.
The thing that happened was that the player stopped playing DVD discs altogether, so I took it for service.
My suspicion with the disk space prob is that it does it when you erase videos that you have edited (ie. removed the commercials)
I’ll post what happened when it’s back from the shop.

Sorry for the delay in posting again.
Service wasn’t able to fix it, so they gave me another one. Worked alright for a while, but then it did the exact same things again. I’m taking it back on Monday and demanding a full refund.