Thomas-Rasset to RIAA: Drop dead

Thomas-Rasset to RIAA: Drop dead.

[newsimage][/newsimage]There seems to be no end in sight for the court battle between Jammie Thomas-Rasset and the music industry, as both sides have rejected a lower fine from the courts for copyright infringement.

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And the p2p continues on unabated by the court cases…what a bunch of hypocite the industry is… Lmao… while the piracy continues on… RIAA and MPAA is a joke…

Maybe someone should sue RIAA for using substandard blank cd’s? This defendant found guilty, ordered to pay 50 grand to RIAA, AND destroy the music? WTF, you make me pay 50K for crappy music, and I’ll be damned if ANY judge would get me too destroy those songs.

This is nothing but good old industry greed.

:iagree::cool::cool:[QUOTE=johnhenry;2489922]This is nothing but good old industry greed.[/QUOTE]

Who posted that?:eek: