This Years Holidays, Where are We Going?

where are we planning to go on holiday this year?

i’ll be going back to new zealand to visit one of my mates, was there last september and loved the place.

I’m staying right here. :slight_smile:

I envy you going to NZ though - have a great time :bigsmile:

i’m taking my neice on a trip through Europe for a graduation pressie…:wink: and then we are off to a cruise of the Greek Islands in search of Hemi :wink:

NOW you have all been warned!


We are off to Scandanivia and Russia on a cruise in July - Starts off in Stockholm (2 days) - Helsinki, Finland - St. Petersburg, Russia (2 days) - Riga, Latvia - Klaipeda, Lithuania - Berlin, Germany - Copenhagen, Denmark (2 days) - Oslo, Norway - ends at Dover, England - we are staying in Lewes, England (near Bristol) visiting friends from a cruise in 2001. Needless to say - we are really looking forward to this - the most extensive cruise we have ever taken (and the most expensive too)-eh!

bigmike7,WELCOME to Sweden!See that guy waving the swedish flag??Most likely me!

I´m off to Thailand in 2 months,will be there for ~2 weeks,this summer?No clue yet.

mike, thats sounds a great holiday :iagree:

i forgot to mention, i’ll be away for a month, hopefully the weather will still be warm

Feb 4 - Feb 6: Euro Disney!!! Wheeeee!

Haven’t thought too much about vacations yet this year, but I’m going to have 4 days cross country skiing in Quebec in the middle of Feb.
I do have a week booked off work for the start of May, but need to decide where to go… maybe Vegas or the Dominican Reupublic, or… ? any suggestions? :slight_smile:

Probably I’ll just stay home a lot this year because I’m going to be doing a lot of work travel. I’m booked to go to China on 26th Feb for 3 weeks - should be interesting as I’ve never been there before.

Come back to the UK for the week :bigsmile:

LOL! I went twice last year - once to Gloucester, once to Yorkshire. I even got to the Avebury stones for a day out - very west country :slight_smile: (my favourite place :bigsmile: )

Nice! :bigsmile:

Never seen the Avebury stones (except for pics)…must go there sometime :iagree:

As for other suggestions - go to Ireland, it’s nice there :smiley:

(GOOD GOD,Mr Spaceman in Disneyland :disagree: )

Santiago de Compostela, Spain, going this coming Saturday till the Saturday after. Work experience trip arranged by school, 16-18 of us going, can’t wait!

After last year’s excellent experience in the Czech Republic :bow: (loads of hot beer and cold chicks, or was it the other way around? :p), this year’s vacation will probably lead to Romania. Somehow I hope this will make it somewhat easier to understand the locals. I don’t know if it’s a myth or just a glitch in my mind after too much vodka, but I’m still a strong believer that people also speak French over there. My French is significantly better than my knowledge of the Czech language (“Pivo!” is more or less all I can still remember).

I speak basic French, and found it really easy to talk to people in Romania :iagree: Loads of words are the same.
It’s a great country to visit - have fun :bigsmile:

We will go to Sharm El Sheikh (Egypt) for a week this summer, doing nothing apart from relaxing.