This would be COOL!

I have this problem that I’m sure many people who own burners do. I have many CD’s burned that I can never remember whats on them. I have names written on them but that does help much. I usually end up looking through about 10 CD’s to find 1 file.

It would be cool if there was a program that would scan the filenames of the files on a CD and store them in a searchable database. Then if I need something I could just type in the name of what I want and the program would search through the names of the database and tell me what CD it is on!

Does a program like this exist?

In DOS you can create a textfile of the contents of any drive
dir <drive> /ah >dirlist.txt
(could be wrong about the flags though, depends on what you want to list, all files, hidden files, subdirs etc.)

Perhaps you can then import the textfile into a database

But I agree, if a program that can do this exists, it would make a lot of people’s lives easier.

on you’ll find a tool that scan and creates indexes of the cd. It’s called cdrlabel and it’s quite handy I think.

Good luck.

Hey m8,

I think this is exactly what you’re logging for!!

Where Is It?

Diskbase works also. I use this when I am cataloging my cd’s.
Even though it is probably old and outdated by now but it works great, just drop the cd in and scan it, it adds it to a list in the database.

Thanks all! I have found what I was looking for! Where is it, works good for me.