This week's OfficeMax $10 CDRW is...CenDyne (Lite-On likely)



OfficeMax has the CenDyne 52x24x52 CDRW drive this week for $9.99 after $30 OfficeMax and $30 CenDyne mail-in rebates. The one I picked up is a Lite-On LTR-52246s (don’t know the firmware yet, I haven’t connected it, but it was made in Feb). No CenDyne stickers anywhere on it, just like the Verbatims from Best Buy last week. Package includes the drive, typical lame manual, 40-wire 2-drive IDE cable, audio cable, 4 mounting screws, Nero CD, and a generic sleeved silver/green CDR (Smart-Burn says Ritek 52x).
The CenDyne rebate form states that you must register your drive either online or mail in the warranty card in addition to sending in the UPC and s/n label with the rebate.


best bet to get a lite on is go into the store look at the part number on the back of the carton if it contains the letters LTR52246 it is a lite on if not it is an asus or Benq


How can i tell if it is an Asus burner? I already have the Lite-ON 52x and now I want an Asus because I have heard they burn better than Lite-ONs:bigsmile: