This week's new rogueware: Fake media players

This week’s new rogueware: Fake media players.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Since we’re now wise to rogueware that is spread by posing as fake antivirus clients and disk defragmenting tools, cyber-criminals have moved on to using fake video media players as their disguise.

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Rogue media players have actually been around for many years, some using the help of fake video files to make it look like that only a certain player will play the video. For example, there have been fake video files distributed on file sharing networks which were actually just a video clip saying “DOM Player Required” inside a dummy ~500MB file and those who tried getting the so called Dom media player ended up rogue software, not to mention wasted bandwidth for those on a tightly metered ISP.

If you recall as early as 2006-2007 the mpaa and alternately malware groups/individuals tied fake video files embedded with code to download malware/spyware “PLAYERS” and this was a huge red flag that you were being primed for mal/spyware infection.

In your first paragraph, what do you mean the installation file detects malware. Don’t confuse such a tricky issue further with wording errors.