This Week's Ads (June 4th)

ok guys, this is the week ripit is away so lets get this ad thread started. if anyone has anything to contribute post it up whether you can get the scans in or not.

have a bestbuy ad downstairs I can look at in a minute, but I’ll start by saying that the officemax ad is already up at

OfficeMax Media
50 pack 16x Verbatim dvd+/-Rs or 100pk CD-Rs for 14.99
VERBATIM 25-Pack 16x DVD+Rs or DVD-Rs, or 50-Pack 52x CD-R Spindle $7.99

Best Buy

bunch of $4.99 dvds (not all titles listed. it says see website so check for that tomorrow)
Sony 100 pack dvd+/-R $29.99 !!! YAY!!! (looked up the item number on teh website and it seems like it’s all 8x. look for MIJ to get TYs)
I Copy DVDs 2 software $9.99 after two mail in rebates eh…

that’s about it for significant deals…I don’t really have time to scan the ad, but if i can later i will. feel free to ask if you were looking for anything specific, but nothing else seemed like THAT great of a deal.

Could someone review how to distinguish the Sony Made in Japan from Tayo-Yuden Made in Japan cake boxes (the 100 pack one)?

I think someone said something about a white circular spacer vs. a gray octagonal one?

You got it backwards, its an octogon shaped white spacer that will signify Sony Yudens or Tys. The cake box has to say Fabrique a Japan near the barcode.

for sony 8x dvd+r media all made in japan spindles will be TY.

i don’t buy -R so i’m not up to date on that and i think the 16x vary. we used to think that an octagonal spacer meantit was definitely TY and a circular spacer meant sony, but someone disproved this before. it’s probably still likely, but not 100%.

I’ve NEVER seen any case of sony dvd+R 8x MIJ NOT being TY though.

There have been sightings of Sony 16X Yudens +. Yuden000-T03-000 but you must look for the octogon shaped white spacer ring and the MIJ near the barcode, by the way the sighting was at Staples.

Im working on all the scans as I type this. Hopefully they will be up in the next hour.

I believe the Office Depot flyer is available at their website.

thanks rfjr23! I wasn’t sure if someone was going to be able to get everything like ripit usually does so I started the thread ahead of time knowing that I’d at least be able to tell people about the best buy deals. hoe you don’t mind! :slight_smile:

if you need help with hosting I should be home for another hour or so. let me know

I got 23 scans of BB right now and working on Circuit City right now got 13 more then Office Depot and Office max left. Can use Staples online for theirs.

Is this place great or what…
You guys are restoring my faith in humanity…

office depot and office max are already posted online. no need to scan those!

i don’t see this week’s ad online for staples, so if you could post the staples link that would be awesome.

dont restore your faith yet. The rest of the world is not the same as here.

Ok Ill do stapeles too then.

Didn’t know Yuden000-T03-000 were spotted in the USA yet, I must have missed that.

I might consider getting some if they had TH000021 serial numbers. My batch of TH001330 is not so hot but as has been discussed it could be firmware needs to update or batch variation. Either way I am holding on to my current batch to see.

Store ADs are different with WEB ads some one has to get tommorow’s paper and then have these stores ads scan and put them on the thread, who has scan facility to do this?.

BTW: Thanks reason for the effort.

WoW, you are pretty early to post up weekly ads

Here is the Staples Circular


No good deal on media except the memorex
I/O Magic Lightscribe burner (BenQ 1655) $49.99 AR (newegg has better deal)

Anyone know if 8X -r MIJ are TYG02? I am searching for this media and dont like the shiny silver that you can get on line. :disagree:

Scans are up now. CLICKY

I believe they’re G03’s.

Sony 8x -R MIJ are usually SONY08D1.