This VCD plays Only by POWERDVD!

Dear Experts,
I have a VCD which is not Protected (checked by A-Ray Scanner). but it is not played by any software except by VCL (in very bad manner) and PowerDVD. but it can only be played from its CD.
I copied it on my hard but even POWERDVD could not read it from hard disk.
I made an image by Nero but it could not be played from hard disk.
I maid an Virtual CD by Virtual CD 5.0, but even PowerDVD could not play it from this source either.

Then I compared files on CD and files on the Hard. only the file CDI_IMAG.RTF could not be copied on the hard. is this the problem?
How could I see this file from my hard disk not using its original CD.?

Hi RohamEng and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

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Where does this VCD come from?

Open up Virtual Dub ( a freeware tool that everyone needs) and open it.
Set the video to direct stream copy, same with the audio.
Extract it to where you want it … it’ll be re-packed as an AVI though :wink:

You can extract the video as an mpg with Vcdgear: