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I had heard of AnyDVD, but since there are so many DVD utils out there I never got around to investigating it. Ever since DVDxCopy was sued and forced out of the country, and ever since I heard that both DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink had ceased development (and I have no idea why), I had been worried that “the party’s over”.

At first I kept using DVDxCopy because I loved the “one-step” backup copy capability it had. But then it started failing on a significant number of discs. So I reverted back to DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink.

But recently Sony’s ARccoS protection scheme has foiled my copy attempts, so I started researching the problem. Right away I found a plugin for DVD Decrypter called PLS2. But since DVD Decrypter is no longer being updated, I could just envision myself forever looking for bandaids. So I looked elsewhere and found AnyDVD. Finally, a fantastic utility that is even BETTER than DVD Decrypter because you can skip the step of copying the entire DVD to your hard drive “before” starting DVD Shrink.

Even better - this is being continuously worked on and updated by professionals. I guess that is the downside of FREE - the person/s coding the updates eventually gets tired of doing all that work for nothing. Since AnyDVD is not free, that gives the design team a reason to continue on and on with the updates.

By the way: is SlySoft = Elby ??? I was wondering because they have several products on their site, their own AnyDVD, and then a suite of Elby products.


Check it out here for your question: Linky :iagree:


no, 2 different companies, but slysoft is a reseller of elby products, only clonedvd.


@ lifeson,

The AnyDVD-CloneDVD software combination is an excellent combination that is easy to use and produces excellent results.

Suggest visiting SlySoft ( and downloading the latest versions of these software programs.

Also suggest viewing the AnyDVD-CloneDVD User Tutorial, which provides detailed information on the use of these programs.

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