This type of disk cannot be played

I have made a copy of a DVD (bought in Europe) and it playes perfectly well in the original drive in which it was burned as well as in a Laptop DVD drive but gives me “This type of disc cannot be played. Please insert a different disc” error mesage in a Panasonic DVD player attached to the TV, which is were I really would like to watch the movie. I made two copies ( both gave me the same error message) one with DVDXcopy the other one with DVDFab in a Plextor PX 708A drive the media was no name brand(cheap) DVD-R 4.7GB 4X. What media should I be using to get a copy which will play in a regular DVD player?

you may need to set the ntsc/pal options manually on your tv and/or dvd player. don’t know what country you’re in so you work that out. try ridata or tdk media {or look for a media compaibility list at your dvd burner maker’s website and use the recommended brand]

While we don’t know where you are from, there may be a problem with region code settings as well. I’m not sure if either of your apps remove region code or not, as I use dvd shrink and dvd-dcrypter. I agree with ghosters on the media issue, My samsung hates -r media…:slight_smile:

Thanks, I will try the recomended media and very much appreciate the assistance. I have also looked a little closer at the purchased movie and notice it is PAL. I am in the Bahamas using USA equipment which is NTSC so that may also be a problem. Surprisingly in both the laptop and the desktop DVD drive does not discriminate what type of format it is and both are playing back the copy without any problems. Only the Panasonic does not like it.
I wonder what it would take to convert the PAL to NTSC?