This Torrent thing



I got this Torrent thing loaded and I’m just a little confused…just a little. I know about going to super nova and getting files and downloading them, but the problem I’m having is that some of the movies that I download, go into my saved folder as a folder with multiple files in it. What I’m trying to do is to convert these movies into DVD format using DVD Santa to watch on my home DVD player. Some are downloaded fine with only one complete movie file so I can just convert that, but some are downloading with a folder with multiple files attached. What do I need to do to do this successfully. Thank you for the help.


ok here on the cd freaks we dont like u downloading if it is r game or movie go buy it or see it. sry.


Are you downloading copyright movies or free clips?


No, no it’s free clips NOT COPYRIGHT MATERIAL!!!


It’s not always possible to do that, some stuff isn’t released on video or isn’t show in your country.


plz post the names of the files - so we can see what programs you need to view / convert them.

thanks :smiley: