This thread is dedicated to herrie

I would like to say thank you very much herrie for your Nec 2500 hacks.

When I first purchase my Nec2500, It use to take about 20 to 30mins to make a backup of my dvd movies but after I downloaded your 1.7 v2 beta4 ( I think thats the name of it) My dvd burner is backing up my dvds in 7 to 10mins now … Amazing.

One problem though. Now for some reason, I can’t use the cd burning feature on it anymore even though I dont care about that since I have a seperate cd burner drive but I would love to use my nec to burn cds since my sony writer speed is only 12x. Everytime I try to use it to burn cds, it will crash and give me some nonsense error. I have tried 3 different type of disk and all of them work on my sony cd burner.

Away, Thank you again for your hard work and effort in improving the Nec2500 DVD writers.

I would like to say the same, but in my case it was the NEC 1300 that died last friday that i have only good experience with all herries hack, but l just loved the 1.08 holiday with bitsetting. Now i only hope that the NEC 2510 won´t make me dissapointed. Only thing on my wishlist just now is a windowsflash for the 1.07 BetaX with bitsetting to the 2510.(i know that DOS flash is possible)

I used the Windows Flasher to flash my ND-2500A with the 1.07 V2 beta 5 firmware that herrie released.

It can be downloaded from here:

I will try, but i think Herrie said that i need to do this in dos with the 2510.

Oh, with an actual 2510, I am not sure.

If herrie said you had to do it in DOS, then you probably do.

And of coures be recognised as a 2510 and not a 2500 after the flash :bow: