This this copy of premiere the proper full thing?



hi i was wondering if anyone can tell me is this the proper full copy of adobe premiere 6.5 and i also want to know what this stands for?: V6.50 (R168) i know obviously 6.5 means version 6.5 but on the screen it flshes up when loading it also has that r168 bit, does that mean my copy is a beta or full???


Man, you dont learn about asking warez questions do you! If you owned it legally you would know what it was


i bought a copy at the shops and all of a sudden it puts this r168 bit near it and says the copy has expired no offense but i didnt pay good money to get crap from u and also burning copies with bwa files is illegal isnt it or burning “”"“backup copies”"""" is illegal too just that every1 likes using that term to get away with it… all i want is a simple answer and not the third degree, every1 else askes what they want and get a simple answer:(


(big sigh)

Release 168 is a PRE Release and prereleases usually have timelocks.

Keep up the good work and please come again to enjoy or vast knowledge of legitemate backup processings.

Oh , bring your “legitemate copy” back to the “shop” where you “bought” it from. They might give “you” a “refund”.