This thing has given me the frustration of my life


I purchased a Pioneer DVD Multi-Recorder not long ago, of I believe the 112 brand. All I simply want to do is put media files, such as WMV and RM, onto DVD-R’s, but it has proven a trying and hellacious experience.

I’ve already used just about my entire pack of DVD-R’s (from 25.) When using Nero, the process craps out on me about 70-90% of the way through. And the DLA-system on my computer, that is, the “Send to, Make Compatible” method hasn’t proven much better. On my most recent attempt, it burned about 80% of the material onto the disc, not the whole 9 yards.

It’s especially frustrating because I want to get all of this stuff off of my computer. I have enough for 2 DVD’s-worth of storage just sitting there, but I can’t get rid of it because this blasted thing is baffling any progress.

What’s more perplexing is the fact that it’s worked for me on a couple of occasions…I utilized the DLA-method on my first attempt, and it burned all of it beautifully. I used NERO for another set of data, which did just fine; my reasoning for believing so is that the NUMBER of files was very miniscule; they were just bigger files. I’ve been led to deduce that it can’t write a great amount of files in that process.

So what do I do? My NERO program is from a disc that came with the Pioneer. Could that be a reason for some of the problems? Should I try using DVD+RW’s, and try to burn a little at a time? I’ve gone mad with grief here. Please, oh knowledgeable denizens of this board, relieve my misery.

Sorry for the length of that. Cheers.

First of all, buy DVD RW’s so you don’t waste DVD’s until you figure it out. Everyone should buy a small pack of RW’s to keep for experimenting. Have you tried converting the Windows files and Real Player files to a different format? You can use freeware like Burrrrn or Image Burn etc. to do the burning.