This Ritek

This is one Ritek cd, labeled as Conmark (German “Conrad Electronics” company product) which has been burned around 5 years ago. I’m really CD noob so I ask you if you could tell me what do you think about this? Is its quality decreased a lot? I have to mention that it has little cracks from inside on the transparent part of CD altought I was really careful with them. It happened just with that kind of discs, while Taiwanese Verbatims left without any defects.

This is a TRT (Transfer Rate test). It is not useful for judging degradation, but the transfer rate looks okay, no major dips, at least it’s still perfectly readable.

You should still do a quality test instead. It will tell us about C1, C2 and C3/CU errors. If you see any C2 errors, you should immediately copy the disc, or you’ll lose all the precious data on it. If C3/CU errors show up, it’s already too late.
Not every drive is capable of quality tests. In that case, just try another drive to scan. (LiteOn and BenQ drives will support scanning with Nero CD-DVD Speed although LiteOn DVD writers’ CD quality scans won’t tell us much, Plextor drives will support scanning with Plextools.)

Those little cracks can be very nasty. I think you should copy the disc soon, or it might break in your drive at high speeds. We’ve already had a few users with broken drives because of broken CDs… :iagree:

Anyway, Ritek CD media is still okay, at least compared to their crappy DVD-R…

No matter what, if the disc is cracked, copy it ASAP. The quality scans are irrelevant if the disc is cracking.

Keva is correct copy it now. Cracks at the inner hub can cause the CD to break up in the drive and thus wrecking the drive. My friend had one literally shatter in his drive and ended up having to replace it, I was there it was not pretty.

Yes I already did backup of all data from all 5 Conmark cd’s year or two ago. I know for cd-bomb cases. I remember that one guy was reinstalling WinXP at some woman’s place and cd just broke up in the drive and parts flied pretty far from it, around 4-5 meters til the door. He told me that he and other 2 persons that were present there, were lying on the ground and alu was flying over like on christmas hehe.
Btw. I was doing that test on Mitsumi CD burner, but I have Pioneer 108D, so is it good for testing with Nero cd-dvd speed?

Only for transfer rate tests, not so for disc quality.

Well, here’re results for:

  1. Conmark’s Ritek:

  2. Verbatim (probably Taiwanese, burned in '02 or '03:

So, your comments…?

This drive must be incapable of scanning correctly.
The Verbatim TRT trouble is are caused by background activity. Background activity should be avoided while doing any kind of quality test.
You should upgrade your Nero CD-DVD Speed to the newest version 4.51 on

Hehe, I was doing something on the side. I didn’t let it do it peacefully. I’ll do new tests asap. I’ll also install new version of Nero’s tool.

Here’s the test without any activities:

RITEK Conmark:

General Information
Firmware: 1.20
Disc: Data CD (Ritek)
Selected speed: Maximum
C1 errors
Maximum: 82
Average: 3.05
Total: 13422
C2 errors
Maximum: 35
Average: 0.25
Total: 1083
Jitter: n/a
Scanning Statistics
Elapsed time: 6:52
Number of samples: 4407
Average scanning interval: 1.00 sec
Glitches removed: 0


General Information
Firmware: 1.20
Disc: Data CD (Verbatim)
Selected speed: Maximum
C1 errors
Maximum: 38
Average: 1.33
Total: 6345
C2 errors
Maximum: 20
Average: 0.14
Total: 681
Jitter: n/a
Scanning Statistics
Elapsed time: 7:20
Number of samples: 4784
Average scanning interval: 1.00 sec
Glitches removed: 0

Using an Pioneer dvd burner for quality scanning is not recommended.

But it’s nevertheless better than nothing, to get a guess at the quality.
I see lots of C2 spikes. Are the discs dirty or dusty?

I don’t have other possibilities than to scan them on Pioneer 108 or Mitsumi CD-R. I used to have Samsung and LG cd-drive before but I gave them out. What do you think it’s good for scanning? Plextor? NEC?

Hmm, I just threw a look on Conmark’s Ritek and it’s without dust or specks on it.

Plextor or BenQ DVD drives are good, or at least better than Liteys, for CD quality scanning.
Samsung and LG drives usally aren’t good at scanning, sometimes they don’t offer scanning at all.