"This playeris is incompatible with the region marking of this disc"



Anytime I open one of my original DVDs, which is Region 4, with AnyDVD, the legend “This player is incompatible with the region marking of this disc.” appears.

Even when I go ahead and burn the DVD, it won’t play on any DVD player (multiregion, Zone 1 or Zone 4). The original would play in the multiregion or Z4, but the copy won’t.

Any suggestions?


You should set AnyDVD to region 4.


It is already set to Region 4. When AnyDVD opens PowerDVD, instead of the movie, a blue screen with the legend appears.

If I don’t set AnyDVD as Region 4, a window from PowerDVD would say that the disc is from a region different to the one set up in the system.

So one is a screen, and the other is a window from the program.


Might this be caused by the firmware in the dvd drive being set to a different region than the dvd actually is?


The DVD I am trying to back up is the James Bond “Tomorrow Never Dies”, it is region 4, and it seems that this legend is in the movie itself. When I use CloneDVD, in the first step, you can see the movie perfectly (in the little preview window), but once you burn the disc, the legend appears. I tried using DVD Decrypter, same thing happened.


and you have checked all feature removals in AnyDVD settings?


@ alex76

Perchance your computer DVD device isn’t a Matshita (Panasonic) device is it? The reason I ask is because Matshita (Panasonic) devices are problematic and have Region Code problems when changing Region Codes

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I am having the same problem. The Original Bond movies are playing normally on my DVD Player… But once i copy them the copies give a blue screen with the “This player is is incompatible with the region marking of this disc”.

Is this some kind of new copy protection? How do i bypass it?


You could try flashing your DVDrom drive and make it RPC-1. Then you can change your drive to R4 and rip the disk then change it back to its normal region without loosing any resets.


I have noticed you said AnyDVD is used , but no Version # is given, also you gave no info on the Clonedvd you are using , are you using Elbays Clonedvd2 or the Generic?
please provide a little more info… :confused:


Mabe Region Code Script removal doesn’t work correctly for this movie? You should send the .ifo files (disable AnyDVD first) to SlySoft support. If it is broken, they will fix it.


I am posting here because I know how to fix this issue. :cool:

  1. I would not recommend that you use DVD Shrink or some discontinued programs to perform these jobs. Use DVDFab Platinum instead, it’s being constantly updated. You don’t (and won’t be able to) use DVDFab along with AnyDVD. This is not necessary - DVDFab will do the job, and you don’t need to activate AnyDVD while DVDFab running. So turn AnyDVD off at this time.

  2. First, download/install PgcEdit:

  3. If you are seeing that screen “THIS PLAYER IS INCOMPATIBLE WITH REGION MARKING OF THIS DISK” after decrypting the disk, keep in mind this has nothing to do with the disc region. The message might be saying “this disc is copied”. The original DVD can be played outside your computer.

The protection used is similar to the one developed for games, where you can see blank sectors in the middle of the disc, and there is a command embedded in the original authoring forcing the disc to search for those sectors before you start the decrypted DVD.

Home recorders and common DVD players do not understand those blank sectors and while you are doing a copy they mix the data and eliminate those spaces.

A very simple routine inside the IFO files look for those “spaces” and when they are not found, you will get that warning, stating it’s a copy from a movie or game.

  1. First of all, decrypt the disc to your hard drive. Let’s use DVDFab for the job.

  2. Now open PgcEdit and go to the File Menu > OPEN DVD.

There are 2 different routines that can dial for the “blue screen”, the first one when we insert the DVD in the player device, but even with the blue screen, if we push MENU in the remote control, we are able to enter the DVD menu/from the movie (that is possible for the majority of players), and then when we push the “Start Movie” option there is another routine to dial the “blue screen warning” again…

Let’s find out where the “blue screen” is located inside the PgcEdit. It must be found in the first lines, using the termination (0:00).

Push the right mouse button in that line and choose “Preview PGC”.

In the image below you can see what I am saying - the line with the blue screen warning is reffered as “VMGM PGC3”. Once you have identified that screen/line, let’s see the first routine/command dialing for it.

Click in the First-Play PGC (first line, see photo above), and see in the right side where is redirected: VMGM PGC2. Then click on this line, and see the image below:

As you can see in the image, the line 7 is redirecting things to VMGM PGC 3. That same blue-screen-warning line, if you recall. Note that in the line above, there is a text saying "if the blank sector is found, go to VMGM PGC5, otherwise, go to VMGM PGC3 (blue-screen).

What you need to do here is quite simple.

You need to redirect the line which goes to VMGM PGC3 (blue-screen) to VMGM PGC5, pushing the left click/mouse twice in that line 7. See image below:

As you can see by the image, just change the number 3 to 5.

Now wait! It’s not over yet.

Now you need to locate where the movie is on PGCEdit.

It’s easy to find that line. It contains the hightest lenght.

My movie have 1 hour/44 minutes, 2 seconds.

Final steps:

Delete the line from the image above, the one who is calling “VMGM PGC3”. That’s right, you need to just delete this line.

Now go to the FILE menu and use the option “Save IFOs as”. PgcEdit will create a new directory with the original backup from your IFOs and new/modified IFOs will be created on your original DVD directory.

Now do a test and try to run your DVD project using Media Player Classic, BSPlayer Pro (with help from the Elecard MPEG-Decoder or another MPEG-2 codec, otherwise it won’t work), PowerDVD, whatever.

After following that guide, I was able to play my disc here. So unless you do that here, it won’t matter what you do, this issue will not be solved…


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